The Ohio State University Alternative Retirement Program (ARP) - Enrollment

Full-time faculty and exempt, monthly paid employees

  • Specific eligibility to be determined by your employer at start of full-time employment
  • 120 days from date of hire to make your election

Important Note: Participation in the Ohio ARP is optional and each employee is provided one irrevocable opportunity to transfer contributions from the state retirement plan to the Ohio ARP if initiated within the first 120 days of employment.

Enrolling in the ARP with Voya

You have two ways to enroll in the ARP:

     1. Contact a Voya financial professional
     2. Enroll online

Reminder: Make sure you have chosen Voya as your retirement plan provider on the Ohio State University enrollment website from Fidelity.

We're here to help

We maintain regional financial professionals to serve all campus locations throughout the state. To make an appointment to enroll in the ARP with Voya, please contact your campus financial professionals.

Your local financial professionals will guide you through the enrollment process. Once you schedule an appointment with your financial professionals, you can begin to:

  • Develop an asset allocation model to illustrate your investment and retirement objectives
  • Select the investment options that will help you pursue your objectives
  • Designate a beneficiary for your plan benefits

Before Enrolling in the plan, you should:

  • Understand the plan features
  • Review the Investment Options offered

Be prepared to provide the following:

  • The name of each person you wish to designate as your beneficiary. You may submit up to 10 beneficiaries when you enroll online. If you have more than 10 beneficiaries, we suggest that you contact us for additional assistance toll-free at (877) 266-9374.
  • Don't forget to visit your Human Resources site to select Voya as your provider.


You should consider the investment objectives, risks, and charges and expenses of mutual funds offered through a retirement plan carefully before investing. The fund prospectuses and information booklet containing this and other information can be obtained by contacting your local representative. Please read the information carefully before investing.

Mutual funds under a custodial or trust account agreement are intended as long-term investments designed for retirement purposes. Money distributed from a 401(a) plan will be taxed as ordinary income in the year the money is distributed. Account values fluctuate with market conditions, and when surrendered the principal may be worth more or less than the original amount invested. A group fixed annuity is an insurance contract designed for investing for retirement purposes. The guarantee of the fixed account is based on the claims-paying ability of the issuing insurance company. Although it is possible to have guaranteed income for life with a fixed annuity, there is no assurance that this income will keep up with inflation. Early withdrawals, if taken prior to age 59½ will be subject to the IRS 10% premature distribution penalty tax, unless an exception applies. An annuity does not provide any additional tax deferral benefit; tax deferral is provided by the plan. Annuities may be subject to additional fees and expenses to which other tax-qualified funding vehicles may not be subject. However, an annuity does offer other features and benefits, such as lifetime income payments and death benefits, which may be valuable to you.

Insurance products, annuities and retirement plan funding issued by (third party administrative services may also be provided by) Voya Retirement Insurance and Annuity Company (“VRIAC”), Windsor, CT. VRIAC is solely responsible for its own financial condition and contractual obligations. Plan administrative services provided by VRIAC or Voya Institutional Plan Services LLC (“VIPS”). VIPS does not engage in the sale or solicitation of securities. All companies are members of the Voya® family of companies.  Securities distributed by Voya Financial Partners LLC (member SIPC) or third parties with which it has a selling agreement. Custodial account agreements or trust agreements are provided by Voya Institutional
Trust Company. All products and services may not be available in all states.